in the daring.

Ideal Ventures Inc. is making a paradigm shift towards being a co-founder with an entity. We give entrepreneurs a support eco-system which they might otherwise have to go and acquire said support.

Moving away from the conventional jargon of incubators and accelerators – which are so much a part of our industry- we have view this initiative as a vehicle which provides a non-invasive support structure to a creator/innovator to realize the success they envision for their ideas.

  • The problem we intend to solve. An innovator is not typically a hands on person with the demanding maze which is the path to market success. This leads to some brilliant ideas and concepts going to naught when an innovator becomes a statistic in the analogy which states 99% ideas fail. How many of them have the wherewithal to go back to the drawing board rather than provide for a family.

  • Key areas we intend to cover. The support available for our partner. The seamless structure designed to ensure our partner can go from concept to successful business

Ideal Ventures supports entrepreneurial aspirations with a specific focus in tech start-up concepts which allow us to scale the proposed business model without geographical restrictions

With Ideal Ventures an innovator need never finds themselves at a loss on how to traverse the commercial/business maze or worry about an unforeseen business hiccup or expense for which they are not prepared. An innovator need never worry about a slowdown in momentum and of the very real alternative of sacrificing innovation to sustain livelihood.

We, as an co-originators play a pivotal role as sounding boards for any evolutionary plan.

Travis Ratnam

CEO, Knowledgehook

“Ideal Ventures both as an investor and network of expertise was key in Knowledgehook inflection and growth over the last two years. They were both patient and strategically helpful when we needed them. An investment from them is an invitation to their growing circle of portfolio company and access to the synergies that come with it.”

Ryan Austin

CEO, Synapse

”Partnering with Ideal Ventures has been very strategic. Having quick access to knowledge that helps us execute our go-to-market and technology plans only gets us to where we want to go faster.”

Kumaran Perinpanatan

Founder, Ellroum

”Having a venture partner like Ideal Ventures makes a lot sense for a tech startup like Ellorum. Having access to their in house experts who work with us to solve our day to day problems, makes all the difference.”

At Ideal All you need is a concept which helps solve a problem