As your trusted venture capital partner, we back founders to solve the biggest challenges facing our world. Our team is committed to backing diverse teams and will be reserving capital for investments in people of colour, women and systemically excluded founders.



Startups have to raise capital in order to scale and this usually creates a bottleneck effect on the business and it's potential. Enter, Raise. An easy to use, seamless platform that facilitates the capital raise, by bringing together the deal, investors, an Exempt Market Dealer, and a closer of the deals.
Raise is a fully funded startup that is able to scale to the next level.

No Closet is on a mission to create a global community in the fashion industry by providing a market network mobile application with both resale and rental capabilities. This platform will allow users to determine the trend of fashion with the large inventory selection provided, shrink the gap between affordability and luxury, and reduce their ecological footprint throughout the process.

The Annex offers a digital experience that encompasses a licensable technical product that can be implemented directly into the operations of an existing hotel infrastructure, coupled with a brand standards guide. 
Hotel guests will recognize the Annex brand on our customers websites, exterior signage and marketing knowing there is a standard of excellence they can expect. 
Hotel owners will be able to reduce operating costs with the Annex Guest Experience software, simplifying their visit from Booking to Check in right through to Check out and ratings.

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Ellorum is a unique platform where creative minds create, collaborate, and distribute original content for mainstream consumption. Ellorum connects content creators, distributors, celebrities, influencers, producers, directors, writers, music directors, artists, technicians, marketers, and investors to collaborate and work on projects that inspire them while choosing the best way to be rewarded for their contribution.
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Meliora is a platform that provides a simple and inexpensive way to manage, track and update resident menu choices and activity logs in one account.

The platform was designed so end-users could benefit from using easy-to-understand and convenient tools when communicating with residents on their nutrition and activity needs.

The platform was built to encapsulate the main needs of staff working in retirement and long term care homes.

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DoubleClick Lending helps customers decrease the anxiety of needing cash in their daily lives, by providing funds direct-to-account, unlocking the wealth they already have in their homes. Everything we do is guided by the primary objective of making the mortgage and home equity loan process super easy from approval to ‘cash-in-hand’, in the most cost-effective way possible for our customers.

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