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A formidable destination that empowers innovative individuals from diverse communities, ethnic backgrounds, people of colour, women and systemically excluded founders to consolidate their business plans, ideas and growth models. Ideal Ventures collaborates with entrepreneurs having a global outlook and vision to conquer the world.

Ideal Ventures consistently offers start-ups and new ventures support and mentors individuals with adequate investments and ideas to facilitate business growth. Those with the zeal and ambition to upscale existing businesses are also offered mentorship and finance to accelerate growth.

Ideal Ventures is a leading seed-stage venture capital fund, investing globally. The company with a strong sense of empathy for entrepreneurs’ overall growth offers world’s best skill sets with winning plan and strategies.


Ideal Ventures supports entrepreneurial aspirations with a specific focus in tech start -up concepts which allow us to scale the proposed business model without geographical restrictions.

With Ideal Ventures, an innovator never finds themselves at a loss on how to traverse the commercial/business maze or worry about an unforeseen business hiccup or expense for which they are not prepared. An innovator need never worry about a slowdown in momentum and of the very real alternative of sacrificing innovation to sustain livelihood.

Values We Believe

Founders First

Diversity & Inclusive

Go Beyond

Social Entreprenaurship

Social Conscientious

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